How to Get an Instant Cash Loan in Singapore

Sometimes, you need money to pay your overdue bill. You will need instant access to funds for medical expenses when you were not expecting. Perhaps, you need money because your car broke down and you need it immediately. Loans from credit unions or banks will take many days to be approved so it will not suit your urgency.

As such, same day cash loans from private financial institutions can be your best solution. It may seem that looking for a lender is quick and easy to do. However, rushing things to get approval can be very challenging. Due to rushing, you can end up submitting the wrong documents. As such, here are some effective tips on how you can get fast approval for your cash loan:

Know the Requirements for Collateral

Before you take on any loan, see to it that you ask the collateral requirements. Whenever a loan requires collateral that means you can borrow the amount that you want. However, if you fail to repay the loan, the lending company will claim the property or asset that you have presented as security. This can be your jewelry, house, or car.

Choose the Right Loan for your Needs

Make sure that you know the different kinds of loans. Determine what loan category will fit your current needs. Remember, some loan types have higher interest rates compared to others. If you do not qualify for an unsecured loan, then you can try applying for a secured loan.

Apart from choosing the right instant cash loan in Singapore, make sure that you also search for the right lender. Know the type of loans they offer, the eligibility criteria, the documents needed, and the process. Review the customers’ feedback and compare the fees that they charge.

Be Notified of your Credit Score

Many people commit the mistake of not knowing their credit scores before they apply for a loan. This mistake can result in a delay in approval or being rejected in your application. If you know your credit score, you will be aware of your financial position. With this, you will know whether you meet the eligibility criteria of the lender. If you have a bad credit score, then you can still apply for bad credit loans. Make sure to prepare your documents in advance and apply accordingly.

Prepare the Documents Before Applying

As you ready your application for a loan, you will need to have some form of identification. Any type of ID, Singapore pass, and valid documentation is fine as long as it proves your identity. Always make sure that it is the accepted form of identification by the financial institution.

Present your proof of employment like your work pass card. You also have to submit the latest three payslips. The payslips will prove that you have a steady income source. After this, the lender can process your request and offer you the loan. They will trust that you can repay the debt on time since you have a job and a steady income.

Sign a Complete Contract Only

Sign the complete contract of instant cash loan in Singapore if you accept the conditions included. Have a copy of the signed loan contract so you can be reminded of the terms and conditions. Without a contract, the loan that you take out can be considered as a fraudulent act. As such, make sure that you don’t sign any contract that seems to be incomplete. The contract must indicate the conditions of the personal loan. It must have the repayment period of the loan and the interests of the loan.

In case that this information has been omitted, ask it from the moneylender. If you are not feeling confident with the deal, you can skip it and find a different moneylender.

Apply to an Online Moneylender

Online lending platforms provide various options with their terms and conditions. This allows the borrower to select the most comfortable option that they want to. You can do the same thing by going bank to bank. However, an online loan service will save you money and time.

With online service, you can get a loan via your computer or any other gadgets that you have. You don’t need to go to the branch, do the paperwork, and wait for their answer before you can receive the funds.

In the online loan process, you will only have to fill out a short form. Then, when a decision is made on the loan, the borrower will be notified. After the approval, the borrower has to indicate his signature on the document, provide his personal information, and select a monthly payment date. Next, the fund will be deposited on your bank account. Oftentimes, this is done the same day as the application. On online loans, there are no limits on what the money can be used for.